EXODUS 14:14

"The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still." - EXODUS 14:14

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I think life is exciting. I think there are so many possibilities in life and the options are endless. Ideas are always flowing in people's minds. i wish i could capture everyone's ideas in one big bowl and read them all. choose one and act on them if i had no boundaries. i wish i could meet more people and travel the world. i wish i could sing on a stage with all my heart and have no fear of what people think of me. i wish i could go skydiving and feel the freedom of really falling with nothing holding me back. i wish i could float in the air at night with the stars and be safe. i wish i wasn't afraid of heights so i could live in the sky. maybe not.

i wish i had more best friends. i wish i could take all the people i love and give them one wish. i wish there was no sorrow in the hearts of people. i wish everyone really knew God. i know there's a quote that says never regret anything because at the time it was exactly what you wanted, but i have some regrets and would change some things in my past but at the same time i wouldn't. i wish i wasn't a fickle person.

i wish i could have a house of puppies because i love them so much. i think that we are as free as we choose to be. i think that i can do anything through Christ and if i put my mind to it. I think that fear holds us back. i think that if we were to have lunch with Jesus downtown somewhere and he were to lay down the plans he has for us if we went for them and gave of ourselves.. our minds would be blown and we'd say "no way". i think that everyday is a gift and i think i'm happy.

i think i'm gonna grow my hair out.
i think i'm gonna live a little and dare to do great things for God. if not.. i'll only be dead.