EXODUS 14:14

"The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still." - EXODUS 14:14

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Have you ever felt like you were so out of place? So alone in everything you think and desire out of this life? I have.

Tonight I went out to eat with some people, and as i was sitting across from two strangers i just met, the conversation was flowing rapidly. Thoughts and ideas were expressed that have been accumulated over time either through experience or through someone else's experience and I must say that I felt so out of place. I couldn't agree on anything that they were saying because they were all things that I hate what have been done to me.

They began sharing how they were talking to other guys that were in relationships already and some were even married, and I just couldn't believe how nonchalant it has become to talk to other people while they are already in a relationship. I mean, i am not perfect and i'm not trying to judge anyone, but my entire point to this is that I am so disheartened because I fear that there isn't many people who are faithful anymore. It seems to me that everyone is in it for themselves and what they can get and a quick satisfaction that sooner or later doesn't last and leaves them wanting only more and more. Unfaithful relationships and marriages is such a discouragement in my heart right now. It just stirs me up inside!

What is marriage about? does anyone take them seriously anymore? when people say vows, what do they even mean to them? Marriage is a sacred thing! even if you aren't married, you shouldn't even mess with fire. you shouldn't even think about playing with fire by talking to another man or woman. I mean does anyone even have the respect of another person anymore? Does anyone think about how the other person might feel if they find out what your significant other has been doing? It just seems so heartless to me right now. I just feel discouraged and wonder if there is anyone who is loyal anymore...is there anyone who is seeking a relationship based off God? is there anyone who feels out of place and alone?

just feeling discouraged.. . a lot.

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  1. I like the last part. Yes. Marriage is sacred! Amen sista! I agree completely - don't even PLAY...heck...don't even LOOK at the fire. Agreed completely. ;) btw: I know what you mean, I feel like in this world today, people are in it for themselves half the time. They don't care about the other person...and are sometimes unfaithful. It is disheartening. So sad. :(